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Enjoy some recent fly fishing articles and stories, hot off the keyboard.

Fly fishing for Squawfish: An article on the rise of the coarse fish, least for one fisher.Toney Sisk

City Bass: An article on the nature of nature. Bass aren't bigger here, they aren't smarter either, but they are nature's fish nevertheless.

Bass on a fly: An article about a fish is no longer just for beer drinkers and worm chuckers.

Poetry (haikus and such): Enjoy some wayward fly fishing haikus and other rhymes.

The Lake: A short story about the perils of a weekend away, with a friend--and the others.

Fly fishing from a kayak: Fly fishing from a kayak has distinct advantages over other non-motorized craft.

A fly by any other name: Observations on a fly. What is in a name anyway? A fly is a fly is a fly is a . . . .

Wayward casting thoughts: Some ruminations, mostly helpful, on ways to approach casting.

If the wading boot fits: The variety and purpose of wading boots give me pause.

The sticky myth of head cement: Head cement is universal but rarely needed.

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