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Fast-Water Nymphing Tactics
John Tedesco
softbound : 68 pp.
Pruett Publishing    $18.95
ISBN   0-87108-933-5
Fast-Water Nymphing Tactics  by John Tedesco

One of the best ways to interest readers faced with thousands of book titles on fly fishing is to focus the subject in an interesting way. This is exactly what John Tedesco does in Fast-Water Nymphing Tactics. Many of the techniques can be applied to fly fishing in other types of water, but by focusing the readers attention on one type of water, and on one of the more difficult types to fish, Tedesco encourages us to improve our ability to more keenly observe fish and their numerous environs.

I, for one, would often pass up the faster water for the more approachable slow riffles and pools, the classic water of our sport. But Tedesco makes an appealing case for not passing up the faster currents, and excellent diagrams help to support his point. The water is more oxygenated in the fast water, the chopped surface provides cover for the fish, and the fish are less choosy of the fly because of the fish's reduced decision time.

Now if we can only get our fly down there. Tedesco presents excellent techniques for doing just that. Perhaps the most useful technique is the tuck cast, whereby the cast is overpowered vertically and  downward in order punch the fly quickly through the surface film and on down to the mouths of eagerly waiting trout.

Tedesco's book is a primer on fly fishing, but that doesn't mean an advanced fly fisher can't learn anything in it. The day after I read the book, I found myself on my local river pausing over a favorite stretch of water. I suddenly found myself exploring ways of approaching the water that I hadn't considered, mainly firing my nymph hard at the water with a tuck cast knowing my fly was getting down further than it usually does. Now I didn't catch anything down there this early in the cold season, but I felt more confident knowing I had a few extra tricks up my vest.


--Toney J. Sisk


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