Fly Fisher's Bible: Montana Fly fishing book reviews 

Fly Fisher's Bible: Montana
by Greg Thomas
Softbound : 311 pp.
Frank Amato Publications    $24.95
ISBN   1-57188-368-1
Fly Fisher's Bible: Montana by Greg Thomas

Imagine a personal (approaching gonzo) approach to Montana fly fishing--with all the places, tactics, and other critical flyfishing facts in place--and you'll get a sense of Greg Thomas's approach to fly fishing Montana.

Not content to gloss over anything, Thomas gets the reader into the stream quickly. Notes on flow information, biology, patterns and strategies are copious, complete and woven in a friendly conversational style. A pleasant regional tone is cast over the book with lengthy quotes from well chosen local experts and guides.

The contact information for reader follow-up have been especially helpful for me. I'm planning a trip to the Kootenai River in north Idaho, and with Thomas's books, I was able to make some key e-mail and phone enquiries to the right people in order to learn the river conditions for August, without feeling that the shop folks were glorifying every month of the year. Finding the right people can be a very difficult task, and Thomas has a knack of talking to the right people and getting their expert opinions on paper.

I was successful mainly because I've learned to trust Thomas' approach to guide books. I've been studying his guide books (Wyoming, Idaho, and Washington, among others) over the years and have come to rely on them to get me in the right currents at the right time with the right fly--thanks, too, to numerous fly notes devoted to each river. About the only thing you don't get from his guide is a pair of waders and a stick to bend over the fish.

--Toney J. Sisk


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