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I tried normal once. I got bored. So I stopped doing it.

Toney Sisk

I can't remember a time when I wasn't fishing with a fly. OK, I once fished with worms, live frogs and maybe some corn. And I've also tied flies that resemble worms, frogs and even corn.

I fish rivers and creeks and the occasional lake. My favorite fish: whitefish, smallmouth, cutthroat. I'll even fish for pike minnows (squawfish, for the politically challenged). Pike minnows make a noise when you hold them, which like many things important to me, both fascinates and disturbs.

Besides flogging (a flyfisher's blog) and writing book reviews, I write novels, short stories, essays and fiction for Fly fisherman, Flyfishing & Tying, Flyfisher, and other magazines.

Here's my latest.

Only $.99. Cheaper than a Royal Wulff.

Phenton's Flies

Phenton's Flies 



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