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I have carefully selected the following sites as particularly useful and informative.

Fly fishing articles, flies and blogs

  • Westfly: An online magazine and source of great information presented by Oregon greats Scott Richmond with contributions from the fine entomologists Rick Hafele and Dave Hughes.
  • MidCurrent Fly Fishing: A very literate web place full of experienced anglers, guides and authors who enjoy teaching others how to fly fish. Their site and their entertaining news blog covers flies, rods, reels, gear, fly lines, destinations, science and history, techniques and strategies.
  • DS Flyfishing: Enjoy this blog and copious information on Flyfishing in all its nuisances. Read about casting, technique, gear, and much more to keep you in the game.
  • Urban Fly Fishing: Enjoy this blog and diary of Flyfishing life within the urban confines of Glasgow. The world has just gotten a little smaller--and more interesting.
  • Rod Crossman: If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Rod Crossman's art, especially his fly-fishing paintings and etchings, is worth a few thousand more. Find out why by visiting his site.
  • Over 3710 Aquatic Insect Pictures for Trout Fly Fishing Nuts: See over 3710 close-up photos of mayflies, stoneflies, caddisflies and other trout stream invertebrates. There are also movies, underwater photos of nymphs and larvae in their natural habitat, stream landscapes, and desktop wallpapers. Learn how to identify invertebrates and how to match their hatches!
  • In the Back Eddy: Sit back and take in the fine blog musings of another river wanderer. This blog is better than most because of its narrations that go beyond the usual "Look where I fished today," and related gibberish.
  • Keone Bamboo Fly Rods: Bamboo fly rods--and more. A very interesting site to catch up on bamboo matters, and much more in their blog.
  • Dave Richey:  Visit noted outdoor author and recent inductee into the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame as a Legendary Communicator. Visit his site and subscribe to his blog to see why.
  • Rackelhanen Fly Fishing Magazine: A non-commercial webzine that explores fly fishing from many perspectives and from all points of the globe--on the Internet since 1995.
  • Laughing River Productions: Rick Hafele's and John Smeraglio's site for their great videos and books and excellent fishing tips.
  • Washington Flyfishing: A great site devoted to fly fishing in Washington, offering sage advice in numerous articles, with photos, forums, and much more.
  • Fly Fishing Gear: A great site devoted to fine fly fishing gear, books, and more.
  • Nick Hart Fly Fishing: Browse Nick Hart's site for information on qualified fly fishing instruction, guide services, great articles and more.
  • The English Fly Fishing Shop: This site has a great catalog of flies from across the globe, including information about the flies and how they should be fished.
  • FLYFISHMAGAZINE: A great site and a great blog for everything new and in the news for the flyfisher.
  • Hot Spot Fishing: A great site for reading many articles from many writers on all aspects of fly fishing.
  • C y b e r A n g l e r - Online Fishing Magazine: Information on fishing around the world - daily fishing reports by the world's premier captains, fishing guides directory, tournament calendar, articles, flyfishing tips & techniques, and more.
  • All-About flyfishing: A great educational site with a huge number of articles, art work, recipes, books, videos and other information exclusively for flyfishers.
  • Fish with Bish: A great site from New Zealand with many articles, tips, fly patterns, and great cartoons.
  • Dave and Emily Whitlock's site: Dave Whitlock is one of this and last century's great innovator of flyfishing thought, gear, and much more. Many fly fishing articles can be enjoyed by beginners to advanced flyfishers.
  • Orvis Flyfishing Schools: A great collection of classes, flies, and other offerings.
  • Fly Casting Forum: his is one of the finer fly fishing sites to learn beginning, intermediate, and especially advanced fly casting techniques. Very much to read and learn.
  • Federation of Fly Fishers: A national organization devoted to instruction in all aspects of fly fishing and conservation.
  • Joan Wulff's Fly Casting School: Joan Wulff is one of the finest casters alive, and has taught thousands the art of casting. If she comes to a river near you to teach, go.
  • Fly Anglers Online: A northwest weekly magazine providing information on flies, tying instruction, rod building, international locations, casting tips, fly swaps and many great articles.
  • The Trout Underground: Fly fishing is supposed to be serious stuff. Just ask any tackle shop guy. But it doesn't have to be--maybe not supposed to be. Just as the folks at the Trout Underground. It is never too late to re-examine our priorities.

Fly fishing odds and ends

  • Coastal Kayak Fishing: This is one of the better sites on fishing from a kayak. Troll their pages to learn everything you need to know about the techniques and gear to get you paddling toward your fish.

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