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Why Fly Fishing
The American Museum of Fly Fishing    $30.00
Miracle Productions DVD: 31 minutes
Order: 800-874-4171

Why Fly FishingWhen it comes to an any activity that is worth doing, and worth doing well, sooner or later the question will come up: Why? The question can come from any direction. From a workmate talking about taking up the sport. From a son or daughter watching Dad or Mom fish. From a worm fisher seeing someone in the distance bend a perfect line. From a spouse wondering why you need the ENTIRE weekend away. Now you have in this excellent DVD some of the finest voices in the sport to help you through these difficult times.

What do I like about this video? I don't often get to see Joan Wulff cast, though Miracle Productions have produced many. Watching her line describe loops that no other caster can, is always a delight. John Gierach is in his usual philosophic and entertaining good form. And how you can help but marvel at Nick Lyons raising his literary presence by sharing his love of the sport and the literature that embraces it.

A number of themes resonate powerfully throughout this short film: The power of literature to illuminate the sport; the community of generations; the diversity of the sport's literature that spans hundreds of years and dozens of forms; and, most important, the capacity of the sport to bring to bear one's personality, imagination, and emotions into the act of moving a fish.

A lot of thought is packed into this short DVD. You expect a video of this nature to capture the meaning of the sport. And indeed it does. Pass this video along to the doubters, newbies and wannabies (not to just those who already understand) to help others understand what's important., and to maybe help you find your own answer to Why.

--Toney J. Sisk


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