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Madison River
DVD: 45:00 minutes
Sporting Fly    $29.95

Biology and Management of the World Tarpon and Bonefish Fisheries by Jerald Ault

Big skies. Big water. Big stone flies. Big Fish.  Put it all together on a piece of round plastic and you get a great DVD of the Montana Madison. Your host, Dave Long, introduces us to a host of fly-fishing characters, famous outfitters like Bob Jacklin, Craig Mathews and others, to give us intimations of our next vacation. The only ones who know more about this famous stream are the fish themselves.

Some people want instruction in a video. Some want to be told a story. And some just want the river facts, thank you. That's what this video is about: the color of the water, its depth, its width, the wading possibilities, the color of the hills, access potential, fish and insect biology, insect activity, the quality of the fish. A smorgasbord of perspectives.  You even get a perspective from the river rocks, as Craig Mathews lifts one up to explore the zoo that lives down under.

You won't get a lot of strategy talk in this video. There are dozens of other videos for that. Well, there's one strategy that this video teaches: how to handle a BIG fish. That's one strategy we all need for a 2,000 fish/mile river with huge fish from a dozen different species. Take a peek at this video, especially if you are planning a trip our west. You won't be disappointed.

--Toney J. Sisk


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